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Someone once said Only dead fish go with the flow.. However... I rigorously updated my Linke... [more]

This website and webrichtlijnen.nl

The Dutch government provides a test to automatically test for 47 of the 125 guidelines. My site sco... [more]

IE8 beta

Microsoft released a beta version of Internet Explorer 8. Since it installs over your existing IE... [more]

Home makeover 2: table decoration

After finishing building the garden table I reckoned it needed decoration. In fact I had this plan... [more]

Home makeover 1: garden table

I recently moved to Hengelo to do my Master degree research. I have a nice little house at the count... [more]

Wedding card

Friends of mine were getting married May 19, and asked me to provide the wedding card, so I did. The... [more]

Some more FIRST LEGO League artwork

Some more FIRST LEGO League [nl] artwork I haven't shown yet. For the FLL Benelux final on Jan 21 I ... [more]

Photoshop tennis with Paulien

I held a little Photoshop tennis game with Paulien van Valderen. Photoshop tennis is a little game w... [more]

Lots of STP and FLL artwork

The Benelux FIRST LEGO League (FLL) finals are coming, which means a lot of work for me. I created... [more]

Stichting Techniekpromotie site online

After some weeks of work, the first major part of the website for Stichting Techniekpromotie is on... [more]

Gift from Mireille

About a week ago, Mireille surprised me with this sweet gift. 2 really big RK* adhesives. Her firs... [more]

Got my first (and second) f4 promotion point

What's this then? Well, I do ride a horse sometimes and every once in a while there are certificat... [more]

Bought a car

Last saturday I bought a car, together with a friend of mine. It takes LPG, so rather cheap. Behol... [more]

Photoshop tennis with Mireille

I held a little Photoshop tennis game with Mireille Jansen. Photoshop tennis is a little game wher... [more]


Voor een vak waar ik mee bezig ben, doe ik een klein onderzoek naar documentbeheer. Om dit zo breed ... [more]

FLL promotion material

Last year the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) was quite a succes, so this year we'll do it again. And that... [more]

GoT photoshop contest v2

The Webdesign and Graphics forum of Gathering of Tweakers started another Photoshop contest: design ... [more]

GoT photoshop contest

The Webdesign and Graphics forum of Gathering of Tweakers started a Photoshop contest: restyle one... [more]

Made a lot of artwork for FLL Finals Eindhoven

When there's a semifinal there's also a final. And finals do need artwork too, promotional posters, ... [more]

Site Emerald went live

The site of Emerald, which I partially made, just went live. The design was done by Marc Bruijn... [more]

I'm number 1 :)

Searching Google on my first name shows this site on top, above Rikkert Faneyte the baseballplayer... [more]

Created a weird site map for TU/e Innovation Lab

In efford to enlighten the navigation structure of TU/e Innovation Lab, I created the following im... [more]

Made a christmas wishcard

I made the following card for a friend of mine. This card is intended as a prank for internal circ... [more]

.mobi top level domain approved

In reply to this article on web-graphics.com, Anne van Kesteren has written all that I could say.... [more]

New piece finished

I recently finished my new piece. It is called "AI" and is supposed to be a sequel to "Artificial Na... [more]

Made a cover for FLL semifinals Eindhoven

I made a cover for the program booklet for the semifinals of the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) in Eindhove... [more]

Atom feed now available

I've added atom feed for this site. My first intend was to "do something with XML" and then applying... [more]

Tell me what you think!

I've now added the function to give your opinion about my artwork, articles and other stuff. Pleas... [more]

Added a links section

In this section, one can find some links to sites I consider interesting. They are all sites you m... [more]

Made my own Photoshop Shortcut Keypad

Looking for a list of available shortcut key combinations in photoshop? This is not the place, see ... [more]

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